We have taken extra care to ensure the colorfastness of your new tie-dye.  Your new dye has been washed multiple times, and treated with a dye neutralizer and a dye fixative to ensure no further color loss.

Simply wear your new dye, wash in cool/cold water with your other colored clothing, and enjoy vibrant color for years to come.

No, our sublimated products feature images taken of our original Feed a Hippie™  tie-dyes and printed on various fabric blends to create a multitude of clothing products and tapestries.

This is the process of printing digital images onto a special sheet of paper, and then transferring that image onto fabric. The ink is heated until it disintegrates into the corresponding fabric. That makes the ink long-lasting, and you’ll never have the unfortunate “peeling” effect of a well-worn t-shirt.

The more high-end of sublimation printing services is called “cut and sew all-over sublimation”. With cut and sew sublimation, the printing is done before the garment is assembled, making the quality of the final product far superior. Additionally, cut and sew sublimation avoids many of the limitations (creasing, blurring) of blank apparel sublimation. Utilizing the advantages of this process provides us with more options to customize our designs, resulting in a higher quality product.  This keeps pace with our no cutting corners attitude, to make our sublimation garments as top quality as our tie-dyes..

Feed a Hippie™ does not currently have a physical store location.  Find us On Lot or Online.

Yes, we offer wholesale pricing on all of our Sublimation printed products.

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