Tie-Dye & Sublimation Tapestries

Dye Sublimation (aka. Sublimation/Sublimated Tapestries) is an awesome printing technique that allows for vibrant, full color, all-over printed tapestries and garments. The artwork is printed onto a sheet of high-release paper and transferred onto the material using heat and pressure. These 100% Polyester durable tapestries come ready to display with grommets on all four corners, and also includes a wall mounting kit.
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​The creation of our distinct tie-dyes starts by meticulously hand wrapping them with rubber bands. Our self taught tie-dying process utilizes a free flow dye method, meaning that no dye thickeners and/or paintbrushes are used in our technique.  This leaves a lot of space for randomness (aka “trippy”) making each of our dyes completely unique. When you order a tie-dye tapestry from us you are guaranteed to have a one of a kind piece of art.
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